Saturday, 18 February 2012

DNR, do not resuscitate ….

... written on the patient notes, the patient could be our beloved NHS, or might it be Wales Education, do you get my drift, those elements of government that do not work as intended.

Could it be time to cut off the life blood to failure and let others provide alternatives.  Our Labour led government have demonstrated they the ability to discard failed (embarrassing) organisations, funding to the All Wales Ethnic Minority Association (Awema) was cut off with alacrity just a few weeks ago; can we look forward to those who failed to heed warnings, and gave such poor oversight, falling on their sword, somehow I doubt it.

Those working at the sharp end of the NHS in Wales are echoing the words of David Cameron when he describes our health service as failing.  Those hard working nurses who deliver care are worried for their futures, and should we be surprised, how many times have they been reorganised since devolution, how many directives requiring a diversion of energy and effort have been imposed upon them, how much money was delivered by Westminster yet not delivered by WAG, it's about half a £billion this year alone.

When Carwyn Jones, and other left leaning politicians, turn their back on the very experience that generates the wealth used to fund the public services, I wonder whether the DNR label might not better be attached to the Assembly and all those that sail in this very sorry excuse for governance.

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