Friday, 10 February 2012

When Plaid turks insult ...

... their own, you know they are getting rattled.  The poltroon of Plaid and his merry band are taking "pathetic" to new depths, for one I am glad this shower are not in charge in Cardiff Bay.

The only means at their disposal is to misrepresent their opponent's position, ad hominem, because his is not a view that in any way fits their narrow vision of a future Wales and they are unable to present a coherent argument in opposition.

The name of the recipient of their vitriol is none other than the patriarch of Plaid, Dafydd Elis-Thomas, the poor man must wonder what he has done to deserve their spite.  I can help him, they are the forlorn hope, that band of separatist brothers swimming against the tide of public opinion, Les Enfants Perdus.

Poor Dafydd, his crime against humanity was to express his views on the philosophical application of independence in the modern world, he said something along the lines ...
... co-dependence in a federal Europe is the only option in the independence race, his is the view that the UK will soon become a federal partnership that fits this vision.

Who knows what the future holds, divination is an imprecise science, but there can be no doubt that Dafydd will carry many that ....

the occupiers of Syniadau frighten witless ...

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  1. Come off it! the 'dark lord'' DET says something different every time he speaks lol! none of us know WTF he's on about half the time?
    Leanne Wood is the one by a country mile 8-) btw
    a %24 increase in membership in just a few short months seems to nullify your claims? It wasn't DET who galvinised them now was it?
    I'd say it's you and your diminishing band of loyalist nut jobs who are "frightened witless" after all just read the insane warblings from them/you on Walesonline!
    Mad as a bus full of monkeys the lot of you lol!