Monday, 6 February 2012

He's got his knickers in ...

... a twist, no celebrity appearance at the Calcutta Cup yesterday for Alex "Jowls" Salmond, as reported in the Times today, he has completely lost the plot ...

Salmond fury at losing rugby punditry slot

Alex Salmond’s relationship with the BBC is under strain after he branded an official a “political gauleiter” for withdrawing an invitation for him to appear as a TV pundit for the Calcutta Cup.
The Scottish First Minister questioned whether the corporation could be trusted to remain impartial between now and the independence referendum in 2014.

He had been booked to appear on Saturday during coverage of the Six Nations match between England and Scotland at Murrayfield, which England won 13-6. However, the invitation was cancelled at the behest of Ric Bailey, a political adviser to the BBC, who felt that Mr Salmond’s appearance might “heighten tensions”.

Mr Salmond’s aides, according to e-mails released yesterday, undertook when he was booked to appear that he would make no reference to political or constitutional matters.

The corporation said that it would have been “inappropriate” to give undue prominence to any single politician, but Mr Salmond said: “The guy has just totally, utterly lost the plot. I would imagine people like Ric Bailey are in thrall to Downing Street and that is the worrying thing.”

Ruth Davidson, the Tory leader in Scotland, said Mr Salmond was using “bully-boy tactics” because he lost the chance to have his face on TV.

Mr Salmond will raise the issue with Lord Patten of Barnes, Chairman of the BBC Trust, in Edinburgh on Thursday.
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This is the man who would lead Scotland ........... he has a vision I understand.

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