Monday, 27 February 2012

Carwyn, do you think we are ...

... all so stupid that you can spin such rubbish !

He said ...
... businesses were kept afloat and thousands of jobs protected by the more than £350m of subsidies Wales receives every year through the Common Agricultural Policies.
 ... and then compounded the  fo politics by adding ...
... the billions of pounds of EU structural funds paid to Wales made a "huge contribution", particularly during the down turn.
This money, every single penny, came originally from British taxpayers via the EU, of course the EU skimmed a little as a commission for the commissioners.

... not unlike the bankers asking for a fee upfront to arrange an unaffordable loan for the unwary, but unlike a bank loan the money belonged to each and every taxpayer;  until we gave it on loan to you politicians to make the life of everyone just that little bit better, safer, more certain.

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