Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Communist it is not, Syndicalism it is, Alan Sandry's vision of Plaid, ...

... and if you consider the words of Plaid through their on-line support, you quickly come to the conclusion there is no halfway house between where we are now and independence.

What is syndicalism to the man or woman in the street, it is not the co-op or the John Lewis Partnership, although Plaid voices would sooth the voters with pink and fluffy warm and fuzzy bullshit, it is a world where there is a social order based on workers organised into production units, sounds like communism but without "The State".

There is no one in charge, the google effect will tell you that "... multiple non-competitive categorised units to negotiate and manage an economy", sounds like anarchy, but the Plaid model has a twist in its tail, there is political control, the Plaid key that Alan Sandry calls "Decentralised Socialism", there is no document that describes exactly how Plaid intends to apply this economic and social doctrine, though if you couple Syndicalism with the only document that describes "Decentralised Socialism", it is possible to visualise the "New Order" so loved by Plaid's more radical support.

Decentralised Socialism may be introduced with the words of Ralf Borsodi ...
"The leadership which the priests lost to the warriors, the warriors to the kings, the kings to the business men, the business men to the financiers, and which the financiers are now losing to the politicians, must be assumed by a group which sharply distinguishes between the exercise of influence and the exercise of power. The minority of concerned and thoughtful teachers and .writers, of poets and preachers, of artists and scientists, of physicians and lawyers, who constitute the real leadership of any society, must be. reborn."
... there we have the politics of Plaid, the politics of the crachach ...
"Every child must be taught all that is essential to their humanization -- a useful craft and the cultivation of the Earth; the practice of domestic arts; to read, write and use numbers. All must be imbued with the basic virtues -- the love of nature, of beauty, and of mankind without regard to race, religion or nationality.

... there is an assumption that the intellectual and moral leadership of "Wales" can only be found within the Plaid ranks, the thoughtful few, a new aristocracy with its feet firmly planted in a perverse vision of domestic tranquillity, a life without liberty..."
For those who vote Plaid, welcome to this brave new world, just hope your children are to one of the few thoughtful people, lets hope they are not free spirits, lets hope they are not of the liberal tradition.

This world envisaged by the nationalists, separatists, Plaid Cymru, is not democracy.

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