Monday, 25 July 2011

... government in Wales, with and without Plaid, are ...

... condemned as dictators without a compass in today's Western Mail ...
THE Welsh Government has been accused of having an “endemic” inability to see policies through as it “flits from one priority to the other”.
Two aspects of the accusation springs from the pages of our newspaper ...
  1. endemic inability to see policies through
  2. flits from one priority to another
Whilst the report is a discussion of Schools and pupil results, it is yet another demonstration that central statist control of society is failing the people of Wales.  Those of a certain age might remember reports in the British press during the 1950's and 60's, before and after the death of Stalin, where central decisions made in Moscow were rarely if ever achieved.  The strategy of the Soviet was to issue further directives, planning every aspect of life.

And here in Wales a half a century or more later the same is happening, fail with a short term objective and create another, and  WAG continues in its futile attempts at micromanaging every aspect of our lives.

Planning versus the Rule of Law, more than two centuries ago Immanuel Kant said ...
‘Man(kind) is free if he(/she) needs obey no person but solely the laws.’
... an example of how Wales failed the people of Wales by imposing extra costs (taxes) relates to the forthcoming "carrier bag levy", read it here, the planning methods applied are tardy to say the least, all that was necessary was a simple law that insisted that free bags given by retailers were compostable, no tax, no social complexity, the obligation would revert to the bag suppliers under severe penalty if non-compostable bags were supplied anywhere West of Offa's Dyke.

... if only our statist administration at Cardiff Bay could restrict itself to creating a scaffold of liberty and equality upon which the rest of us could construct our lives without interference.

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