Friday, 15 July 2011

In fact, is there a dragon ...

... anywhere in Wales, a docile dragon for Heledd Fychan and her boss Bethan Jenkins.

Where is the fire and brimstone remembered by the old folk, tales of the chapel and 5 hour sermons; we have become secular in Wales, except when there is a chance TV appearance on Songs of Praise with Aled Jones.  The days when the poor pregnant unmarried girl would be chastised in public, in front of the whole congregation are long gone.  So no dragon here .....

We have the Catalan kid of course, but his is more a desperate appeal to the disparate of Wales, building theoretical castles amongst the clouds surrounding Snowdon;  No dragons here, though I can imagine conversations in the snug of a pub in the Northern Plaid heartlands, or maybe the geography is wrong and it is the Cardiff smart set, cymraig naturally.

Do we have a dragon in the borough of Caerphilly I wonder, Ron Davies might be a candidate, though on reflection ... first the Labour Party, then it was "Forward Wales" followed by a stint as an independent, and finally he jumps into bed ( rhetorically speaking ) with Plaid to get a thrashing at the Assembly elections; formally Secretary of State for Wales he was once called the architect of devolution in Wales, nothing to be proud of and certainly not a dragon, except in a moment of maddness.

We remain dragon deficient except possibly on match night when tens of thousand of fans descend on Cardiff breathing fire and brimstone ........... here be the dragons ........... until they get home when they morph from dragon into the family pet some call dad.

Modified following a comment left at my migration blog.


  1. Still better to be a part time Dragon than a full time threadworm.

  2. I belong to the part-time brigade, I don't know any nationalists on a personal basis.