Sunday, 31 July 2011

... when BartiDdu writes ...

... at Wales Home "Personally I believe that large numbers of English people settling in Wales aren’t a problem providing that they integrate".

He is sending the message to people who might want to move from one part of Britain to his corner of our sceptred isle, they must adopt his/her conventions, there is no compromise, he/she doesn't seem to include other groups of people who might wish to become his neighbour, would he prefer the Somali community of Cardiff to remain in Cardiff, how would he react to "Somali" with a Welsh accent I wonder, with intolerance I would guess, if the sounds came from next door ...

... and how exactly does integrate pan out, is it BartiDdu's wish that people who come to live near him become clones of the past, does he realise that by remaining in the past the future is unobtainable.

He/she continued "If people are to move to Wales they should respect Wales, the culture, the history, the heritage etc".

This respect, I suspect, is little more than reflection on what he/she believes Wales should be, his/her culture, his/her interpretation of history, and his/her preferences of those parts of history that might be described as heritage, so for respect I might suggest that people moving near this man/woman should bring with them a huge spoonful of subservient obedience for the thoughts of  chairman BartiDdu, anything less would be regarded as not enough.

Would you have a conversation over a beer and sandwich on a lazy sunny afternoon with this parody of respectful coexistence, I doubt it if you are the thoroughly modern visitor to Wales, needs must that you leave "freedom of speech and expression" at Offa's Dyke,  and this is ...

... nationalism in Wales, an apartheid in waiting, there's nothing "pink and fluffy" amongst the modern day irregulars ... just the loud noise of intolerance.



  2. My daughter thinks that Wales is a "scary place", I tend to agree with her.