Saturday, 16 July 2011

Power and Responsibility, those ...

... attributes we naively thought the great and the good would exercise on our behalf as a norm with its excesses only appearing rarely, how wrong we have been.

As a subscriber to The Times and The Sunday Times, paper and on-line, I have helped finance through News International Newspapers Limited some of the excesses of public life being debated in the media around the world.  As Matthew Paris wrote in today's Times ...

Please don't protest: "I didna ken." C'mon reader, ye ken ...
  1. prison officers complicit in the supply of drugs ...
  2. banks or energy suppliers. ... cartels, robbing their customers.
  3.  Many sporting records that still stand ... have been fuelled by performance-enhancing drugs
  4. Insider trading. It’s absolutely endemic
  5. The stock exchange has all but lost its original purpose — the financing of new business...
  6. Insurance has become an almighty racket, ... citizens parted from billions by the unscrupulous sale ...
  7. The policing of the criminal law is riddled with corruption.
  8. This goes for the Crown Prosecution Service too.
  9. The easing of credit ... that will strangle (us) them when interest rates rise.
  10. Dentistry and the NHS ... Where’s the market?
  11. The way that British ministers and mandarins ... to take up positions on the boards of companies in the fields that they have until recently supervised is an absolute disgrace. We’re not talking shades of grey here. It’s outrageous.
  12. So is the “government-relations” lobbying industry.
  13. The social services departments of local authorities are an incompetent and occasionally vicious element in public administration, particularly as regards child protection.
  14. The way children get allocated to state schools is indefensible, and a huge anxiety to parents.
  15. The public sector is chronically incapable even of understanding, let alone managing, large IT projects; and private sector contractors are guilty of daylight robbery.
  16. When all is told there will have been some shocking war crimes in Afghanistan
  17. Euro-MPs’ expenses. Enough said.
  18. EU budgeting. Enough said.
  19. Lawyers. That the practice of law in England has for centuries been a stitch-up to enrich a professional monopoly
  20. August will be unusually dry or wet.
... there is a perfect storm coming, and now is the best time for that storm when money is tight, when the people who will always pick up the tab have nothing else to lose, when politics and politicians will be held to account for the excesses, because Power and Responsibility rests with "Parliaments" ... and with those people who manage the organisations we do business with, every aspect of the business from employee welfare to customer satisfaction.
I discovered recently that parliament is a collective noun for a group of owls or rooks, wise owls or noisy rooks I wonder.

Carwyn Jones and the Welsh Assembly Government would do well to keep their heads down for some of the debris caused by this perfect storm in waiting could very well be coming our way.

... the thunderer reminds us that ".. you must own your mistakes, or your mistakes will own you", Bethan Jenkins might like to take that little ditty on board.

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