Thursday, 14 July 2011

Peter Hain and Heledd Fychan, two sides of ...

... the same coin, and that coin is Political Wales.

I'm not a fan of Peter Hain, in fact there is little I like about him, except when he voices the opinions of the general public, the electorate, "le grand public".

And today he hit the button concerning the electoral system in Wales, in particular the recent debate about the "Alternative Vote" and "First Past The Post", I voted during the referendum for AV, but my neighbours voted for FPTP and won the contest, democracy in action, Hain believes our Assembly election method should be brought into line with the referendum outcome.

It seems that our electoral boundaries will change to accommodate the smaller number of MPs suggested by the government, 30 in total, the numbers are perfect when you considfer we have double the number of AMs, a total of 60.  So there is the option to have enlarged Assembly constituencies with two representatives, all elected using FPTP, I wonder why it hasn't been thought about before.

What would be the outcome if  Hain puts his point of view and the Secretary of State Cheryl Gillan agree, first it seems a further referendum would not be necessary, so changes to our future elections could happen in time for the next Assembly election.

Will there be opposition from the current batch at the Welsh Assembly, not enough, the Labour Party will undoubtedly be winners, but only as a reflection of how electorate vote, at the last election they would have commanded two thirds of the seats without a doubt, the Conservatives are far more comfortable with FPTP, so the proposal will get support from there, particularly if Hain can get cross party support at Westminster.  The other two will complain to the people of Wales, the Liberal Democrats are a lost cause in Wales, we preferred their radical Liberal traditions of the past, Peter Black can be radical but is constantly in the shadow of his leader, Plaid Cymru and its "Separatist Agenda" will return to the dark corners where the political destitute reside, probably to fade away during the next couple of generations, so no matter how vocal its support are they will not gain an inch.

And Heledd Fychan, the other face of Wales political coin, read her here, all I wanted was to take part in the conversation about S4C and £100 million of taxpayers funding ........ there are many others who might wish to contribute to those things that are important to society.

Update ....

After discovering that the Bethan Jenkins post at WalesHome had been published the same day on the Plaid Cymru website I left a further comment ...

Browsing the Plaid Cymru website I note the article in question was published in English and Welsh 11/07/2011 … for the English version, for the Cymraeg version
… the very same day it was published here.
I would be very surprised if Plaid Cymru had not published the contribution by Bethan Jenkins simultaneously in English and Welsh, it is not the way Plaid Cymru operates …
... and for a blast from a very real past, Julian Ruck.


  1. Peter Hain is right. There is a need for change. I'm unhappy with the "losers' list", the allocation of seats to parties whose best candidates have been comprehensively beaten in the constyituency vote.

  2. I agree, it would make politics more difficult for everyone other than Labour, but that's democracy, and logic says the 2 member constituency is the democratic solution. Lets hope both Hain and Gillan see eye to eye.