Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The silent Welsh Assembly, a place set ...

... in a state of intellectual decline, so set in the politics of Keir Hardie that if a good idea bit a member on the arse there would be no reaction to the pain.  And yesterday an idea was put to the Assembly ...
Public Services can be reformed.
Naturally the left wing of Wales Politics, Labour and the "Separatist Agenda" (Plaid Cymru), are sufficiently aghast at the thought that out there in the real world that is Wales, there exists a pool of wonderful talent, a talent if set free from political control has no boundaries.

Unfortunately for the peoples of Wales we will not have the oportunity to establish free schools, or have a John Lewis Hospital, we will have the left wing dragging its knuckles along the political corridors in Cardiff Bay.

I think Julian Ruck has the rights of it when he writes ... "How frightfully embarrassing ... "

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