Thursday, 21 July 2011

What to do when the woman is not ...

... really at home to the Assembly or Parliament, particularly as she is a minister ...

On two occasions she has been in contempt of the people, first towards the Assembly electorate, and then to Parliament.

The contempt she showed the peoples of Wales was when she refused to make public the McKinsey document which criticised aspects of the running of the health service, she at the time was the minister responsible for the health service in Wales.

The BBC reported on three previous occasions, the first when she was accused of withholding the report, the second when she made the ludicrous statement that the report was not a report, and she was publicly made a liar by her party leader Carwyn Jones when he revealed the study of the Welsh NHS by management consultants McKinsey cost £500,000.

And most recently she has been criticised by the Information  Commissioner found that "public interest favoured disclosure" of other information which the Welsh Government withheld about the reform and restructure of its health and social services department.

And what about our Parliament, the national government of Great Britain, this woman of politics is reported here  ... she refused to become part of British politics, was it because her less than competent abilities would demonstrate her inadequacies, or possibly the poor performance of the Wales administration. 

... and the greatest concern to the electorate in Wales, there is no simple mechanism where she can be called to book, how is this political dinosaur made democratic.

She should resign on the grounds she is contemptuous of the public.

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