Monday, 18 July 2011

Not so much a dragon, more a ...

... pink pussy with a forked tongue, a pussy coming from America with an agenda to rally the faithful, maybe it's those rose-tinted glasses he's wearing because reality, the truth, presents a far less romantic picture.  But read the paper first.
For Welsh speakers, Adam Price hasn't presented the paper in Welsh, probably because its original audience was Harvard; an unfortunate state of affairs.
The paper, it is based upon a comparison of apples and oranges, small versus large, all to support the premise that "independence" is the best option for Wales in part because small is beautiful.  He bats a very sticky wicket at paragraph 2 where he writes ...
Faced with the prospect of a people choosing its own destiny and charting its own course, the champions of the status quo gravely intone that such a move would not be economically viable. Without the colonial country as benefactor, we’re told, the small could never survive.
... I'm afraid he has taken too long a sojourn in the America's, things in Britain have taken a turn for the better, we have had a referendum and gained devolved powers, we have had an election that pushed the separatist agenda further into a political corner, some say backwater, and our government in Westminster threw off the illusion of British Empire and colonialism by offering responsibility through tax-raising powers, the various peoples of Britain have yet to accept the responsibilities offered by its elected members of parliament.

For the discerning economists of Wales it is of interest that Price uses a comparison between Luxembourg, a country, with the Saarland, a region of Germany, not so much apples and oranges, more chalk and cheese.

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