Monday, 11 July 2011

Scotland, she's leaving home ...

... after living alone for so many years ...

... yet Salmond would continue picking pockets, keeping the door ajar so that a continuous trickle of taxpayers money can subsidise his separatist intentions.

The latest attempt by the "Jowled Jackal of the North" is to keep open two RAF airbases at Lossiemouth and Leuchars that are scheduled to close as a result of the recent defence review. 

This modern day "border reiver" would take the shirt off the backs of English taxpayers in his race towards independence, better I say "if the RAF bases are needed then relocate them South of Hadrian's Wall", then at least the people paying a lions share of the costs will have the lions share of the benefits.

1 comment:

  1. It's funny the way old Alex changes his tune when it looks like his stance may cost a few votes. It appears that his idea of independence does not extend to actually paying for all his grand schemes.