Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Love him or loath him ...

... yesterday his words were the clear water in the middle of a pond covered with scum.  He wrote:
I am interested in Mr Miliband’s radical idea that we might need tighter rules on media ownership and market shares. It will be interesting to see how he defines unacceptable levels of control, as it appears  that the BBC has the largest share of the TV and radio market, and also has a very powerful position in web provision and related publishing. Rules that he thinks of in connection with News International could not be hybrid or company specific, and would have to be fair about any concentration of media power. Thoughts on what constitutes too much media power and if it should be regulated better would be welcome.
They were the words of John Redwood found here.

We would have a similar issue if government became sponsor of a Wales media start-up as suggested by the less democratic voices found hereabouts.  Can you imagine BBC Wales dominated by the far left ably supported by its political editor Betsan Powys, Romania of the 1960's springs to mind.

Pay as you go for all media would be a first step, just as I must chose what newspaper to buy at the news-stand, so it should be at the media-stand.

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