Saturday, 30 July 2011

Wales is punching above ...

... its weight, don't listen to the doom-mongers of the left, the sky isn't falling in, in fact we have two contenders in the top thirty, number 11 is at Cardiff Bay, and who would have thought Ebbw Vale could fight off the competition from the South and West of England and sit at at number 25.

At No. 11 we have Cadwaladers at Bute place, Mermaid Quay, Cardiff, this is where to go for the best ice-cream in Wales, have a peak into the business.

At No. 25 there is Sidolis at Bethcar Street, Ebbw Vale, Gwent, who would have thought there is a shining star of ice-cream excellence to be found amongst the remains of our Industrial revolution, well, for those who write of "Poor Wales", another company with good provenance is serving excellence in the market place.

Spoilt for choice, Cawaladers is found in 9 towns throughout Wales, whilst Sidolis sits in the South, its home since 1922.  

So we have 6% of the top ice-cream parlours with 5% of the British population, punching above our weight I believe.  

There is a man who is punching well above his weight, Adam Higgit at Wales Home, he has been fighting a rearguard action in a battle with the "separatist agenda", this is a man that the Welsh Assembly Government should be employing to organise the defence of  Wales against those that would take us to a dark corner, a corner that is probably not very democratic, and reading the comments attached to the thread "Is there really a linguistic Apartheid in Wales", very definitely xenophobic, bordering on the racist, and not very agreeable,  but only with regard to people like my wife and daughter, they were both born in England.

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